Neck Pain

What is it?

Sharp or dull aching pain around the cervical region which can refer into the shoulders and cause restricted range of motion.


There are many causes and conditions associated with neck pain. Conditions can range from RSI, kyphosis, torticollis, frozen shoulder, cervical injuries/ trauma/ compressed cervical nerves , whiplash etc.

Risk factors:

  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive actions
  • Previous trauma or injury
  • Spinal conditions /discrepancies
  • Arthritis

Treatment options:

The condition or cause of the neck pain will determine the most suitable treatment option. Remedial massage techniques range from myofascial release and trigger point therapy to stretching. While heat packs and hot showers help to relax the muscular tension, strapping techniques help stabilise and remove some of the tension which allows for quicker recovery time.

Low level laser therapy can help heal injured tissue and promote a quicker recovery time, while at the same time reducing inflammation and pain.

Stretching exercises promote blood flow and stability for nervous and connective tissue.

Cervical injuries may need a period of stabilisation before treatment. Our therapists assess each client thoroughly to determine the severity of the injury..

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