Our Mission Is to Provide a Blended Approach to Health and Wellbeing. 

Through the combined use of Low Level Laser Therapy and Remedial Massage Therapy, we aim to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and restore tissue function to improve health.

Our Services

We have three key service offerings. You can choose Low Level Laser Therapy or Remedial Massage Therapy as independent appointments or join them together in our exclusive package. 

Laser therapy to treat back pain

Low Level Laser Therapy

The use of red or near infra-red light stimulates the bodies cells. It is particularly effective in reducing inflammation and pain. It is useful in densitising tissue in chronic pain syndromes. 

Remedial Massage

A hands on approach to reducing muscle tension and stiffness. It can aide in tired and achy muscles by relaxing and restoring tissue function. 

Laser & Massage Package

The combination of dual modalities provides an opportunity to maximise the effects of pain relief and tissue repair. 

Discover how laser + massage can help